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after-sales service

Our senior engineers will complete consulting services such as product selection,configuration list ,plan implementation and system maintenance according to your actual situation and characteristics after understanding your need, senior engineers will provide you with the advice of optimal configuration and you will feel perfect professional pre-sale consulting services.
Specific process is as follows:
Step 1: contact us, and simply describe your specific application requirements to our engineers;
Step 2: our engineer will put forward a set of most suitable proposal according to your specific requirements for you, and answer the technical problems you are concerned about;
Step 3: if you need, you can contact the engineer to make home visit,demonstrate products, configure the systems, and you can also make site visits to my company;
Step 4: we provide final software and hardware system solution, product quotation.
Maintenance services:
In warranty period, any problem caused by our equipment or construction, we are committed to responsible for the overall solution, and replace and repair the related equipment in time.
We are committed to long-term business, engaged in the work of such a system in place to ensure that on the replacement of damaged equipment quickly.Provide free technical support services system expansion, upgrade.


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