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50SD fire proof lock
50SD fire proof lock is Jianhua lock industry production of quality products, we employ professional design for production, while strict selection, ensure product quality and perfect performance.
55ZD fire proof lock
55ZD fire proof lock through professional design production from Jianhua lock industry professionals for the majority of users with various types of locks, and provide professional design and installation help, easy to use and install.
55ZL fire proof lock
55ZL fire proof lock is Jianhua lock industry professional design products, mainly to do locks used in the design of our reference designs and traditional domestic foreign advanced design to ensure fire safety locks 55ZL novel.
fire proof lock
fire proof lock mainly for emergency escape path, play guarantee the safety of personnel. Fire lock widely used on fire doors shopping malls, supermarkets, apartment buildings and other personnel-intensive sites.
207205 door handle
207205 door handle using excellent materials to ensure product quality and service life can be interchanged with the national standard mechanical anti-theft lock, no other openings.
307203 door handle
307203 door handle through professional design and production, BSP lock owners want to provide quality 307203 door handle, I guarantee a perfect product quality and performance in the years of production.
101 surface mount lock
101 surface mount lock with high-grade metal powder production process, stylish, smooth texture, Jianhua selection of quality cylinder lock industry, to ensure smooth rotation of 101 surface mount lock.
111 surface mount lock
111 surface mount lock has a compact design the atmosphere, ensuring a timeless classic, using magic bolt, high security performance, durable.
Jianhua Lock Industry Group Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of high quality door locks, exit locks, fire proof locks, to ensure product quality and performance, our technical department, the marketing company for product quality problems do every day track record, make improvements, so deal with, to do service, procurement, processing, assembly, packaging, the product of non-hierarchical comprehensive quality inspection, we standardized production and quality management to boost Jianhua lock industry in the lock industry to develop into strength and good reputation of modern system of enterprises. We sincerely welcome old and new business units to further strengthen technical cooperation and business dealings, would like to common development and create a brilliant future and look forward to sincere cooperation with you!


Jianhua lock industry based on your actual situation and characteristics of the finished product selection, configuration, inventory, and maintenance of the system implementation plans and other consulting services. Jianhua guarantee door locks, exit locks, fire proof locks and other products will be in line with national quality standards, quality standards, and improve performance.
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