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fire proof lock is a lock request is the channel, can more quickly and convenient to open the door, so there is no lock core, we according to the use of the environment to design more in line with the fire user lock, and lock fire quality problems also ensure that at the time of production, looking forward to your purchase. Jianhua locks in line with "the spirit and purpose of the service of scientific management, high quality and efficiency, refine on, the customer is supreme" the enterprise, provides the high quality product and service to the customers. We sincerely welcome new and old business units, further strengthen technical cooperation and business dealings, willing to common development, create brilliant tomorrow.

Jianhua fire proof lock series products are as follows:
50SD fire proof lock
50SD fire proof lock is Jianhua lock industry production of quality products, we employ professional design for production, while strict selection, ensure product quality and perfect performance.
55ZD fire proof lock
55ZD fire proof lock through professional design production from Jianhua lock industry professionals for the majority of users with various types of locks, and provide professional design and installation help, easy to use and install.
55ZL fire proof lock
55ZL fire proof lock is Jianhua lock industry professional design products, mainly to do locks used in the design of our reference designs and traditional domestic foreign advanced design to ensure fire safety locks 55ZL novel.
55ZR fire proof lock
55ZR fire proof lock is specialized for shopping malls, supermarkets, and public spaces accident major accident, fire safety and escape the great locks.
fire proof lock
fire proof lock mainly for emergency escape path, play guarantee the safety of personnel. Fire lock widely used on fire doors shopping malls, supermarkets, apartment buildings and other personnel-intensive sites.
85ZR fire proof lock
85ZR fire proof lock for security doors fire quasi also large shopping malls and other places of use, it can prolong people's escape time, Jianhua lock industry production 85ZR fire proof lock using advanced design to achieve the quality of the national quality inspection standards.
4585Z fire proof lock
4585Z fire proof lock in accordance with national quality standards of production, while accepting my company's quality inspection equipment checks to ensure that each product to achieve the country's use of standard, 4585Z fire proof lock Jianhua production of high safety factor.
5572N fire proof lock
5572N fire proof lock is Jianhua lock industry production of quality products, our company's annual production of various types of fire safety locks to ensure product quality and service life.
5572Z fire proof lock
5572Z fire proof lock in accordance with the professional design and production, its appearance, durable structure (greatly reduced maintenance), with the putter, affordable emergency access door.
5572ZD fire proof lock
Jianhua 5572ZD fire proof lock is specialized in the production of door lock industry, we have gone through years of effort, has its own design team and production base, adhere to the principle of quality first production in the years to the user to ensure product quality.
5572ZL fire proof lock
5572ZL fire proof lock through professional design and production, quality standards, long life, I produced 5572ZL fire proof lock, smooth surface, easy to install, and we provide professional installation help for you, please rest assured purchase.
5578ZWC fire proof lock
5578ZWC fire proof lock is a professional fire safety locks, lock industry Jianhua according to special environments to design, to ensure that the use of performance 5578ZWC fire proof lock, our product quality standards.
6072N fire proof lock
6072N fire proof lock is locked in a fireproof popular models, mainly used in emergency evacuation door, do not open without lock, but also free access to security, provide 24-hour security protection daily.
6072Z fire proof lock
6072Z fire proof lock professionally designed, with a clear and distinct promoter configuration, we also adopted the use of user feedback information for product improvement we strive to produce quality products.
6072ZD fire proof lock
6072ZD fire proof lock the door when in use by a key or access card to enter, the door lock will not fire alarms have permission to enter. As a result, the safety performance 6072ZD fire proof lock change is high.
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