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fire proof lock
fire proof lock is a lock request is compared to the channel, rapid and convenient to open the door, so there is no lock core, we according to the use of the environment to design more in line with the fire user lock, and lock also ensure fire quality problems at the time of production, looking forward to your purchase.
door handle
door handle with self-locking feature, do not use locking screws, while the panel insertion force with a strong grip, the handle through our panel of professional design and production, to make the product more stable performance, the user in the user's use of the same recognition and praise!
mortise lock
mortise lock generally consists of handle, lock cylinder, lock body composed of three parts, mostly installed on interior doors, security doors, is one of the most common locks on the market. mortise locks safer when in use, advanced our design, quality guaranteed!
surface mount lock
surface mount lock treatment ensures the gloss product, the product has anti-cut, anti-drill, anti-saw, tamper function. I produced a full range of exterior door locks, cheap, good service, prompt delivery. Ensure the full range of services to users.
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