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surface mount lock treatment ensures the gloss product, the product has anti-cut, anti-drill, anti-saw, tamper function. I produced a full range of exterior door locks, cheap, good service, prompt delivery. Ensure the full range of services to users. Our products are of good quality, reliable performance, price concessions, courteous service. Products sold abroad, mainly exported to Europe, America, Middle East, Southeast Asia and many other countries and regions, praised by users, enjoy a high reputation.

Jianhua exterior door products are as follows:
101 surface mount lock
101 surface mount lock with high-grade metal powder production process, stylish, smooth texture, Jianhua selection of quality cylinder lock industry, to ensure smooth rotation of 101 surface mount lock.
111 surface mount lock
111 surface mount lock has a compact design the atmosphere, ensuring a timeless classic, using magic bolt, high security performance, durable.
111A surface mount lock
Quality 111A surface mount lock fine, handsome in appearance, our first service by domestic and foreign customers love it, my company specializes in producing high quality 111A surface mount lock, advanced design and excellent quality assurance.
116 surface mount lock
116 surface mount lock for the production of stainless steel, rust powerful, my company specializing in the design dimensions can be based on the user's requirements to ensure product quality and perfect performance.
136 surface mount lock
136 surface mount lock using excellent materials for production, after the professional testing equipment to ensure product quality standards, the company produced 136 surface mount lock looks smooth, safe to use.
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