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advertised for online salesmen

TIME:2014-12-24 11:16:22
Jianhua Lock Industry Employment Internet sales, are familiar with basic computer operations, winter and summer air conditioning.
Jianhua Lock company is looking for online salesmen who are familiar with computer basic operation, with air conditioning both winter and summer.
Job responsibilities:
1, responsible for market research and demand analysis;
2, responsible for annual sales forecast, target establishment and decomposition;
3, determining the sales target system and sales quotas;
4, making sales plan and sales budget;
5, responsible for the sales channels and customer management;
6, responsible for the information collection of customers and feedback
1, college degree or above, major in marketing or related major;
2, 2 years working experience in sales, sales management experience is preferred;
3, have strong ability of market analysis, marketing, promotion and good interpersonal communication, coordination, analysis and problem solving;with good team cooperation spirit and hard working spirit;
4, with a strong dedication to work and certain ability to coordinate and cooperate.
Working time: work six days a week, 8 hours a day
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