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Methods for door lock choosing

TIME:2015-2-3 13:01:51
Choosing a suitable door lock is the basic requirement of safety for you.there are various locks on the market today, which have big differences no matter in quality or other ways.
door lock is related to people's life as well as people's safety.Choosing a suitable door lock is the basic requirement of safety for you, there are various locks on the market today, which have big differences no matter in quality or other this case, how to choose a suitable locks will be your biggest problem.
Following attentions should be paid to when selecting lock:
Choose locks depending on your door
When selecting locks, you must pay attention to choose the one that in the same direction with you locks open direction.It can make the doors more convenient to open and close;then you should also pay attention to the width of door frame.
Wear-resisting quality
Associated with wear-resisting degree is the material of door locks. we can use ways like "look", "ok" and "listen" to choose material .See the appearance color.Locks made in pure copper are generally through polishing and grinding processing, so when compared with copper plating, its colour and lustre is dim, but very natural. pure copper locks handle heavier, and stainless steel locks are significantly lighter.Listen to the voice of open.copper lock open voice sounds more depressing but stainless steel lock's voice is very clear.
Hand feeling
The quality of door handles is determined by the spring, spring quality decides the hand feeling and service life of the handle.If spring is not good, it is easy to cause handle prolapse and short the door life. We should try the door lock spring toughness by ourselves when choose and buy locks, the hand feeling of good spring is very soft, not too soft nor too hard.
The plating
We should also see the plat when we choose and buy locks, that is ,consider whether the door lock handle will rub off.In general, protective layer namely coating of good locks, will not be easily oxidation and wear.Door lock handle coating will effect the whole beautify of bedroom, so it cannot be ignored.
On the choice of door locks, we summarize the above reference methods for you. We hope these can help you when you choose and buy locks.We will summarize some important problems in the future and release to the website of our company.Please pay attention in time.

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