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When people choose to buy door locks many of them pay most attention to the quality problems.A good door lock can play its role normally, also can guarantee the normal use of users, and secure safety performance.They observe that whether the surface of the door lock is usually rough level off, smooth, inferior door locks are often with potholes, obvious flaws, and surface finishes easily fade.
Inspecting door lock installation quality should pay attention to the following questions: 1, installation is firm, location is correct, the surface is clean, no stains and scratches.2, the locks after installation should be flexible, convenient, unobstructed, no resistance, etc.3, when open the door with a key there shall be no shaking, no resistance.4, after the door closed, gently shaking, no shaking is the standard.
Right solutions when Export locks open doors uneasily: firstly we should check the reason.If it is caused by the loose move leaf making door sink, we should screwed the loose move leaf l tight.If it is caused by frame deformation or other irreversible reasons , we can do something from the door frame.
We can guarantee the quality of the export lock through some methods in daily use. In the process of use, some of the zinc alloy and copper lock will be found a "spot",if hinge is installed on the door for a long time, this phenomenon does not belong to rust, but belong to oxidation, if that happens, just wipe surface with some wax and spots can be removed.
Fire lock is a kind of fire protection lock, it’s easy to see the importance of fire lock , common sense for maintenance of fire lock: 1, to keep the fire lock clean, too much dust, would cause the lock crude, increase the wear and tear of the lock itself.2, regularly use fire lock, lock itself has more mechanical part , regular use can make lock lubrication.
The key to promote the life of the lock is to extend the service life of the fire lock: 1,a crack between a door and its frame cannot too is easy to scratch and has shaking sound.2, keys carried with you should not be a string, because it wears keys when you are walking the keys shake.
Choosing a suitable door lock is the basic requirement of safety for you.there are various locks on the market today, which have big differences no matter in quality or other ways.
We should choose appropriate wooden door locks for wooden doors, such as people choose clothes depend on the style dress color, which can receive good effect .
The use range of fire resistant lock is also very wide. Fire lock also plays different roles in different environments, fire lock use areas:
Due to the special using environment of fire lock, its technical requirements are very high.our company strictly execute country technical standard production in many years of produce process, ensuring the product performance and quality improvement.
When we buy door lock products we should pay attention to the follow things: 1, the products we choose should be high-profile, stable quality and have good after-sales service .2, check the follows carefully: appearance quality of the door lock, including wether the related accessories such as locks, lock body, lock tongue, hold hands with plate complete parts and so on is complete, chrome, wether colour and lustre is bright, wether the painting on the surface is even and without signs of rust, oxidation and damaged.
pay attention to the level, this is the first thing we should focus on when buy locks , which is also most associated with the quality problem.2, pay attention to quality.tne lock is another safeguard for door qualities. anti-theft performance is influenced directly by the quality of the door lock. So when you buy locks you must be sure to check whether the lock pass the anti-theft special qualified detect of the ministry of public security .
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